Electile dysfunction

Election year is kind of like going for a medical check up I would rather avoid but know it will roll around eventually. So kicking and screaming internally but with a smile on my face (possibly a grimace at some point) I will do what I have to do and exhale with relief once its over.

I’m probably not alone in my irritation with election foreplay which really resembles a stag or hens night under the guise of a pot luck dinner at your Grandparents place. Can’t put the two together? Well that’s exactly how I feel about what I’m seeing and hearing. The mud slinging and obsequious posturing of politicians of ALL parties is like listening to pre-schoolers before Christmas bartering with their parents and Santa, pulling out the perfect manners when it counts then shoving their siblings head down the toilet the next.

I suggest a new election format. People should be asked randomly to cast their votes in any year – randomly, no warning – vote now or not at all. No road side signs, ugh they are an eyesore and waste of building materials, potential shelters for the homeless though, free supplies. Not sure I’d want to be under some of those faces…ugh…genuine body shudder. Finally policies that are campaigned on, that people vote for, should be binding or at least they should have some transparency (HA!) these policies are ‘rock solid’, these ones not so much and these ones are just liquefaction.

Deep breath in…and out…nearly done.


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