Being more childish

It’s funny how we use insults to shut down particular ways of being. Some of the more common ones (I can think of at least) are:
– Don’t be a dreamer
– Grow up
– Get real
– Harden up (or the modern version ‘take a concrete pill’)
– Get serious
– Don’t be so childish

Our language constructs and reveals (in the same moment) just how afraid we really are about being open, curious, emotionally responsive, creative, imaginative and playful. In other words we are supposed to leave childhood behind – including all the good bits, which is really annoying because some of us LOVE to play and laugh at farts. Yes I said FART.

Playing with children is something everyone should do – it is the antidote to the stuffy, confined and claustrophobic constraints of life as an ‘Adult’ (defined here only in terms of chronological age). A good example was yesterday when I went from playing Barbies’ – where Ken got to wear Barbies’ pants, onto Chess – where we decided that you could move the other person’s piece if they were in check mate (great for me as I’m definitely NOT the next Bobby Fischer), onto building Lego – where storm troopers (Star Wars) dived off diving boards into hoops with pink bows in their helmets. Rules? Conformity? Not in this world – in fact I would go so far as to say I really didn’t know what was coming next, revealing the surreptitious effect of ‘certainty’ on our lives, that is our need to know everything and be in control at all times as adults.

So those of you over 25…ish…
– Maybe don’t jump on a skate board if you can’t skate, or ride a bike! – but do if you can.
– Go to a park – and don’t just sit there on your mobile! hang upside down – your top is likely to fall over your head – so wear precautions
– Read children’s stories – I have never stopped reading them myself, classics like Dr Seuss are for everyone (love the Sneetches)
– Question EVERYTHING – kids do – we should to
– Blow bubbles – I hear they do weird things in really cold temperatures

I mentioned I play chess – well- I pretend to, but I do remember being incredibly moved by the movie ‘Searching For Bobby Fischer’ its a beautiful movie celebrating the wisdom of parents who see the gifts children have and putting their own desires aside.

Play hard out – not just hard.
The person with the most scabs wins!


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