Praise to Lorde

I’m sure I wasn’t the only Kiwi fist punching the air this afternoon watching the 56th Grammy awards. Just in case you missed it (you won’t if you are located in New Zealand – pretty sure it will lead every news outlet here), Ella Yelich-O’Connor – AKA Lorde took out 2 Grammys. She is 17…I will leave that hanging in mid air for a moment as we consider what dominates the music industry (the giant production monster that is about $ not necessarily the art of music making).

She might not have the YouTube hits of ‘Gangnam Style’ but she has a more authentic and unique style than many and she is a refreshing representation of youth. If you haven’t seen her Grammy performance check out:

There was nothing ‘sexy’ about her performance – she actually wore clothes on stage – seems a lot of female artists get as far as undies and bra and have something in their contracts that prevents them putting on a jacket or pants! And don’t get me started on twerking.

For that I salute you Ella. Perhaps you could reach out to Justin Bieber who seems to be struggling a bit with maintaining a sense of himself outside of the ‘gangster’ image that has moulded him over the last couple of years.


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