Like a fish needs a blog

Or a bike. Yes I think an explanation is needed or at least some context, hopefully with a large coating of tongue in cheek humour (and then gently deep-fried?). I really wanted to start conversations and provoke ideas about our sense of identity. My passion is to ride the knowledge/truth beast and it is a bit of a beast with horns that ‘point’ towards the acceptance of versions of our reality that we take for granted and never challenge for fear of being run down by charging dogma and notions of ‘fact’ about who we are, or why we are.

So when people say “we need ‘xyz’ like a fish needs a bike” it is an invitation for me to get my ‘little red flag out’ and wave it at the hidden in the default meaning of ‘fish on bikes’ – insert ‘this is ridiculous or preposterous’. We have invented language that effectively limits alternative ideas by offering up the uncomfortable position of outsider to those who might decide that ‘fish might like bikes’ – because bikes are in fact AWESOME and as a bike lover – I believe every creature on earth should find a way to express themselves on two wheels.

So this space will be a bit of a mix of philosophical ideas, bike obsessing, and a general call to be open and not caught in the illusion of certainty – exit the matrix here. Take the ‘red pill’ – washed down with a cool sense of humour.


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